Crime rate rises – but Havering still below national average

The most dangerous neighbourhoods in Havering have been named in new statistics.

In 2022 Havering was among the safest boroughs in the capital with a crime rate of 74 crimes per 1,000 people, according to statistics from

This was 23 per cent lower than the London average (95 per 1,000) and 7pc lower than the national average (79.5 per 1,000).

However, there were 19,087 crimes reported in Havering in 2022.

Of these 19,087 crimes, 25pc were violent or sexual offences, 19pc were anti-social behaviour offences and 12pc were vehicle crimes.

A breakdown of the figures by area reveals that Central Romford was by far the most dangerous area in the borough with a crime rate of 303 per 1,000 people.

Shoplifting made up 14pc of the crimes in Central Romford.

Almost a third (31pc) of the crimes reported in Central Romford were violent or sexual offences while 26pc were anti-social behaviour offences.

After Central Romford, Harold Hill East (121 per 1,000) and Hornchurch Marshes (100 per 1,000) were the next most dangerous neighbourhoods.

The statistics also revealed the safest neighbourhoods in the borough were Hacton (29 per 1,000), Cranham East (31 per 1,000) and Emerson Park (35 per 1,000).

Overall, the data shows that the crime rate in Havering was higher in 2022 (74 per 1,000) than in previous years.

The impact of lockdowns is likely to have contributed to the lower crime rates in 2020 (64 per 1,000) and 2021 (65 per 1,000), but the 2022 crime rate was also higher than 2018 (72 per 1,000) and 2019 (71 per 1,000).