eBay: Romford is the UK’s most security conscious town

Photo: Edward Dopiaza

Romford has been named as the UK’s most security conscious town, according to data from the eBay car security index.

The east London town has been named as having the highest number of car security product purchases per capita by the index.

It ranked first out of ten towns and cities with high rates, including Motherwell, Redhill and Southall.

Met Police recorded a 12pc increase in car theft between May 2022 and May 2023, finding four offences per 1,000 people across all London boroughs.

Laura Richards, eBay category lead for Parts and Accessories, said: “It’s clear to see people want to do everything they can to protect their vehicle.

“Having a car stolen can cause huge stress, but there are a huge range of items which can help prevent this.”

Research took into account thousands of purchases nationwide, including products such as GPS trackers and steering locks.

eBay is one of the UK’s largest automative retailers and found steering wheel locks, faraday pouches and wheel clamps were its most commonly searched items.